DNA Laboratory

Raman Kannan


To transition advanced technology to our community in a timely manner

DNA for the Digital Society

Just as there are microscopic blueprints that make up complex living organizms we are creating autonomous, crisp, atomic services which can be integrated in numerous ways to devise very large systems. We do so by integrating advanced but disparate technologies and tools using sound software engineering techniques.

Academic Emphasis (Rekindling innate I**3)

Most importantly we do so with singular emphasis on training and technology transition centered around Innovation, Imagination and Improvisation. Faculty and students work together on all aspects of problem solving. So that our students become agents of technology infusion and change for their prospective employers.

Specifics: Technologies and Techniques

We are interested in integrating advanced technologies such as
using contemporary process models such as
to create innovative soultions that are of interest to our partners.

Current Projects, Interests and Activities