Welcome back everyone from the Monmouth University Student Help Desk!

From past experience, we realized that many students do not use their computers over the summer. During that time, new viruses and spyware are written. Because your software has not been updated regularly, the first time you turn on your computer, it may catch one of these viruses.

To help you clean the viruses from your computer and update your software, we have prepared these instructions. Please try these on your own, as we know there is a long wait to see a help desk specialist in the fall. If you have difficulties with the instructions, or your computer is still infected after you have updated your software, please call the University Help Desk at Ext. 3539 to put in a ticket for the Student Help Desk. A help desk specialist will then call you to schedule an appointment.

We look forward to helping Monmouth University students this year. Have a wonderful semester

Click here to access the instructions.