Rebecca Sanford, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Communication   |   (732) 263-5533   |   Room 221 

Courses Spring '05
CO 120 Interpersonal Communication 
CO 321 Nonverbal Communication
CO 398 Special Topics: Marital and Family Communication

Courses Fall '05:
CO 120 Interpersonal Communication
CO 301 Communication Theory
CO 321 Nonverbal Communication

Other Courses Taught:
CO 100 Introduction to Communication
CO 226 Intercultural Communication
CO 501 Graduate Communication Theory

Other Information:
Dr. Sanford is the Chair of the Department Review Board.  She serves as a
freshman advisor at LCAC and she is also the faculty advisor for Lambda Pi
Eta, the National Communication Honor Society.

Dr. Sanfordís research area is in interpersonal communication and family
communication processes, including under-researched areas such as
friendship relationships.