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EDC-520 Group Experience Designed to encompass the experience of participating in a counseling group. It will simulate the group experience over the course of one academic semester. Topics that will be addressed during the course of the semester will include racial and ethnic identity development, self-awareness, as well as other counselor issues.  This class is designed to understand what it is like to be a member of a counseling group. This course is a pass/fail type course, solely based on attendance, participation, and disposition.

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EDC- 540

Group Counseling: Application For School And Community

Designed to provide an overview of the basic process, dynamics, theoretical components, and developmental aspects of group counseling. It encompasses an increase in counselor skills, group leadership and facilitation. Emphasis is placed on understanding the diversity of students and their families. Combines the use of lectures, discussion, experiential exercises, readings, and journaling to advance students' knowledge and skills in group counseling. Emphasis on working with diverse groups is also integrated into the course. Students will explore group leader and member roles through participation in various group situations. Prerequisites: Educational Counseling 500, 505, and 530.
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EDC- 565

Supervision of Counselors

Explore current foundational concepts, theories, and models fundamental to the administration of supervision of school counselors, and student service professionals within an educational environment. Multidimensional approaches to clinical supervision will be addressed using supervision models, including practical experience for counseling professionals who have responsibility directing the personal and professional development of school counselors. Critical analysis of theories of counselor supervision, techniques associated with theories, and assessment of supervision models will be examined. Also explores the benefits and shortcomings of individual versus group supervision, with particular focus on characteristics that make for a competent supervisor and effective supervisory relationships. Further explores the role of both supervisor and supervisee, ethical and legal considerations, evaluative criteria, cultural and gender issues, research and social justice.
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EDC- 599

Special Topics /
Independent Study in Educational Counseling

Independent research in education in an area not substantially treated in a regular course offering; under the supervision of a counseling faculty member; written evaluation of the research is required. For students with superior ability. Prerequisites: Prior permission of the directing professor and department chair. Application must be filed before registration.
Individuals interested in taking a special topics course with Dr. Paone, should contact her directly. The courses that have been designed as special topics include: Suicide, Play Therapy, College level Program Development & Administration (Monmouth Future Scholars).

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