Areas of Research

Dr. Paone has many areas of interest that include: multicultural counseling, play therapy, group activity therapy, White racial identity development, group counseling, and school counseling. Recent publications include:

Rothman, T., Malott, K.M., & Paone, T. R. (2012). Experiences of a course on the culture of Whiteness in counselor education. Journal of Multicultural Counseling & Development 40, 37-48.

Paone, T.R. (2011). Cultural being. In M. Pope, J.S. Pangelinan, & A.D. Coker (Eds.), Experiential Activities for Teaching Multicultural Counseling Classes and Infusing Cultural Diversity into Core Classes (pp. unknown). Alexandria, VA: American Counseling Association.

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Malott, K.,M., Paone, T.R., Martinez, T., & Humphreys, K. (2010). Use of Group Counseling to Address Ethnic Identity Development: Application with Adolescents of Mexican Descent. Professional School Counselor, 13, 257-267.


Current Projects:

White Racial Identity Development- Dr. Paone is involved in running research groups with Master's level counseling students using activities to help them process through issues of Whiteness including privilege, guilt, and racism with the goal of having them understand racial identity development and the need to become social justice advocates.

Mexican Ethnic Identity- Dr. Paone has been working on a project that will involves running groups using activities specifically targeting Mexican adolescents in the Kennett Square area (PA) to determine if activities within groups will aid in their advancement of ethnic development.