SE 598 Programming Project Description

Summer 2000

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This page gives a general description of the programming project for SE 598. This page only describes the project's general details; the specific details of each project assignment will be made available off the syllabus.

The programming project is a semester-long project involving the development of a set of tools for manipulating e-mail files. At the end of the project you will have developed a toolkit suitable for building various kinds of e-mail applications.


Each assignment will be made available off the syllabus under the entry for the start of the associated section. Although the assignment is officially released on Wednesday, I'll try to make it available a day or two earlier so people can study it and come to class with questions.

Each programming project is two weeks long, and due at 5:00 p.m. on the second Wednesday after it was officially released. Remember the rules for late assignments: 5 points for every day it's late, and days are 24 hours long starting at midnight. Also, time is measured by the clock on the system handling the submissions; it is not a good strategy to assume you have "five or ten minutes" before the deadline.

Submitting Assignments

I'm still working on this.

Development Environment

All projects are to be implemented in ANSI standard C++ using the STL.

You may use whatever programming environment you want to write your code. However, I'm going to be testing your work on Solaris 2.8 machines using the GNU g++ compiler, version 2.95.2, which includes the STL (this is the CSLAB machine environment). It is your responsibility to make sure your code runs on the testing environment.

This page last modified on 27 June 2000.