An Annotated Bibliography

CS 525, Simulation, Spring 2005

This is a bibliography of potentially useful references for simulation. Entries containing a call number can be found in the Guggenheim Library.

Discrete Event Simulation by Udo Pooch and James Wall; CRC Press 1993.

Because I liked this book's organization, I was considering this as the textbook for the course. However, it's expensive, not well edited, and not well produced. If you can find a copy on the cheap (or on the free), it's worth a look, but otherwise pass on by.

The Art of Probability for Scientists and Engineers by Richard Hamming; Addison Wesley, 1991.

An excellent book, philosophical and discursive, but still delivering the goods. It's like having a smart friend of yours telling you about probability.

Simulating Computer Systems by Myron MacDougall; MIT Press; 1987.

Apparently a classic. A straightforward and high-level introduction to computer-system simulation based on the smpl discrete-event simulation software.

Simulation Modeling and Analysis by Averill Law and David Kelton; Second edition; McGraw-Hill; 1991

A through and complete book; had I run across it earlier, I would have used it as the textbook. The book is in its third edition, which I have not seen.

Object-Oriented Computer Simulation of Discrete-Event Systems by Jerzy Tyszer; Kluwer; 1999.

A book that has all the parts, but doesn't integrate them well. The coding is better considered as being object-based rather than object-oriented. Worth a read, but because it's from Kluwer I suspect it's ridiculously over-priced.

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