Display problems.

From: <>
Date: Fri Mar 17 12:48:16 -0500 2006

  A wrote a test program that built a small tree and passed it to show_tree().
  Everything compiled and linked together correctly, but when I ran it I got
  this error:

    Application initialization failed: no display name and no $DISPLAY
    environment variable

  What is this and how do I fix it?

I'm guessing you're sitting in front of a microsoft system. I'm unfamiliar
with microsoft systems and can't answer your question immediately. Until I can
get an answer, I recommend you sit in front of a linux system and try again.
You can find linux systems on the third floor of howard hall (the southeast
corner), across from the gis lab, or whatever it is these days.

There may also be linux systems in the wireless lab on the second floor of
howard hall (almost directly under the third-floor lab), but the last time I
was in there (which was a while ago), the machines were running microsoft
systems, and there's a big lock on the door.
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