send-file problem and assignment questions.

From: <>
Date: Fri Jan 20 18:48:14 -0500 2006

I was trying to send the assignment file using the test option -t but I
am getting errors. I am on rockhopper and I typed

  rockhopper:/export/home/us/s0000000 $ send-files-a1(-t)

but I am getting the response -t unexpected.

  There should be a space between options, and you don't type the
  parts that are in italics:

    $ date
    Fri Jan 20 18:16:47 EST 2006

    $ uname -n

    $ /export/home/class/cs-503/bin/send-files -a1 -t
    Files sent:


1) I am reading the input into a string, however I don't know how many
obstructions the user would enter, so can we ask the user to enter the number
of obstructions before taking the values?

  No. It's important to follow the format given in the assignment because
  that's the format used by my testing code to generate input to your program.
  You should also follow the output format because that's the format my testing
  code uses to parse the output of your program.

2) Should we use dynamic memory allocation to store the values entered by
the user? since we don't know how many values will be present.

  This is a get-acquainted assignment to give me an idea of how you program;
  I'm not going to give you much specific guidance. You should use whatever
  you think is the best approach to solving the problem, subject to a few broad
  constraints, such as you have to use c++.

  Whatever you use, make sure you use it well.
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