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Massimiliano Lamberto Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Chemistry

Department of Chemistry, Med. Tech. and Physics, Monmouth University
400 Cedar Avenue, West Long Branch, NJ 07764 U.S.A.
Phone: 732-263-5698
Fax: 732-263-5213


Associate Professor, 2012-date, Monmouth University

Assistant Professor,2006-2012, Monmouth University

Ph.D. Organic Chemistry, University of Southampton (U.K.)
Laurea in Chemistry, University of Messina (ITALY) 



Research in a Nugget

The goal of our research program is the synthesis of novel ligands that can inhibit the enzyme telomerase by DNA G-quadruplex stabilization and thus lead to the development of novel anticancer drugs. To accomplish this goal we use standard synthetic methodologies coupled with microwave assisted synthesis.



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