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CJ 375 OR HLS375



The following is an example of an acceptable Progress Report which will be submitted during the course of the semester as per syllabus.




From: Student Name


To: Professor Joseph Kelly


Subject: Progress Report #1



Thursday, February 07, 2008

6:45 am – 1 pm

6 hrs    Total: 6 hours


            Week 1 was my first day interning at the Long Branch Police Department.  I had talked to Sergeant Frank Passentino prior to interning today.  When I showed up I was brought into the dispatch room where I would remain for the rest of the day.  Several officers passed through the dispatch room as their shift started.  Others I heard over the radio as they reported seeing other things, or they were told to go to a certain location. 


Thursday, February 07, 2008

1 pm – 3 pm

2 hrs    Total: 8 hours


            This is just an extension of my first day.  I had to hand in my paper at one o’clock, so I wrote about everything that I did up until that point.  The last two hours of my day were more informative that the first six hours without a doubt.  I was able to sit and converse with the dispatchers when they were not making calls.  I also was able to see the program that they were using to dispatch the cops and putting each call into the computer.  I saw the instant messaging program they use to talk to the officers in their cars instead of over the radio.  I also attempted to learn as many of the codes they used for each complaint or crime.


Thursday, February 14, 2008

6:45 am – 3 pm

8 hrs    Total: 16 hours


            My second day interning was much more exciting than the first day.  I was put on patrol with two different officers and did everything from ticketing parked cars, pulling cars over, and even filling out reports for walk-ins.  The most informative part of this day was sitting and talking to the officers about their job and what my background was.  They gave me great insight into what I should do next to advance my career in law enforcement.  They talked to me about their jobs and the parts they liked and they didn’t like.  Also I got to see what actual police work was like from the other side and got a basic knowledge of what I am supposed to do.


Thursday, February 21, 2008

3 pm – 7 pm

4 hrs    Total: 20 hours

            on patrol was with an officer that had not been on the force as long, however he was very knowledgeable about what the city he was patrolling.  We responded to several different 911 hang-ups, which turned out to be nothing.  Also we tried to find several cars in the neighborhood whether they were called in stolen, or for leaving the scene of an accident.  I saw first hand discretion after two officers opted to not arrest a man that was driving with a suspended license because he had a little girl in the back seat.