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Criminal Justice Internships


Journal Entry Format


CJ 375-50

CJ 375-01


Directions: Please type this assignment and use proper APA format. Each section should be separated. Each journal entry, which may reflect several hours, should be at least three pages in length. You will submit the journal entries by email attachment to on appropriate date as outlined in syllabus.


You will develop the journal entries for this course using the following format. 

Section 1: State what happened during the time you were at the agency this should be at least one page in length


Remember to first, state the number of hours you have worked for this journal entry. Also, this section should include a complete, detailed description of what specific activities you carried out.What did you see, hear, and do? Include time of day, place, and descriptions of what you encountered.Be precise and full in your description.


Section 2: Describe how you felt during what occurred at the agency; one page in length

Directions: Type this section in bold type so that I can determine your opinion from the factual account of what occurred.


This section is all about what you felt, thought, etc. whether you felt it was right or wrong and what should have been done.



Section 3:Connect Sections 1 & 2 using information and concepts from your criminal justice classes and textbooks .Apply what you have learned at Monmouth to what is done in real life.This should be about a page long and typed in italic type so that I can tell the difference from the other 2 sections. Think about your criminal justice classes and readings/class notes to support your analysis. Also, think about how these experiences will impact you in the future. How will you take what you learned from this experience to a job in the future?


Example follows:

Journal Entry #2

by John Smith

Internship in CJ


October 5, 2006



††††††† On October 5, 2006 I went to Headquarters of the State Police.My first day of my internship was absolutely amazing.I arrived at around 11:30am.The drive was very long and I was so nervous to see what Iíd be doing and where.

††††††† I was buzzed in by the lady at the front desk and told to walk up to the Superintendentís office by myself.I finally found my way to Captain Rosellís office.Everyone was very nice and helpful and for the first hour or so I was just talking and meeting people.

††††††† We then went out to lunch and continued to talk about all the things that I would be doing over the course of my internship.Iím scheduled to go on a State Police boat ride along the Hudson River on October 12th, a possible helicopter ride, and certain exciting stuff like that.

††††††† After lunch we came back and Captain Rosell took me to the recruiting office where I filled out an application to be notified for the test to get into the academy that should be given in March.A lot of time was spent telling me about the process and they were very happy that I am set on applying for the academy.I think they were ever happier that I am an athletic girl who wants to become a State Police officer.

††††††† Captain Rosell showed me around some more but then took me back to the office to give me my first two assignments.The first assignment is making a power point presentation off of information on homeland security that he gave me and the second is a giant research paper on fusion centers.

††††††† The next week wasnít as exciting as the first; I showed up very early at 7am and just worked on the two assignments given to me the pervious week.

†††† Whenever Iím at the Superintendentís office Iím always secretly nervous because I havenít met him yet.I really


like that I wonít be doing any paper pushing or clerical work at all.They treat me like one of their own and not the


new intern.


††††††††† I really like how he gave me an assignment to do his power point that he trusts me with.He has to present it so Iíve been trying to be really thorough and make it look good.The presentation is all about homeland security, which is something I havenít gotten the chance to learn about in any of my classes at Monmouth so itís a good introduction.

††††††††† Iím very excited about all the ďfield tripsĒ they are taking me on.Iíve never been in a helicopter before, or in a boat ride along the Hudson River.Captain Rosell also mentioned a possible ride along with one of the troopers but something happened where they are trying to get it approved again.They also said that they were going to schedule me to go to the shooting range!

††††††††† One thing I noticed when I was there is how friendly the environment was.They all seemed to have a lot of downtime, talking and joking.I expected things to be a lot busier in the Superintendentís Office but I feel like when Iím there itís kind of an excuse to have fun.

††††††††† Overall, the work is interesting.I like learning about fusion centers because itís another thing I havenít touched upon in any of my classes.I also love that Iím exactly in the middle of everything I want to do when I get graduate from Monmouth.

††††††††† As I said before, fusion centers and homeland security are two subjects I have yet to learn about here at


Monmouth.Iíve actually never heard about a fusion center in my life and felt kind of foolish when he first said it to


me.Homeland security on the other hand is an ongoing public topic that anyone can know at least something about


so Iím not so lost in that area.


This experience in the Superintendentís office is really valuable because it shows me the other side of becoming a State Police officer.Iíve been focusing a lot on just what it would take to get into the academy that I tend to forget how many more options there are after you become a State Police officer.

††††††† Captain Rosell has such an important job and after seeing all his degrees and awards on his wall, it really showed me how hardworking you need to be in the State Police.In the future hopefully the knowledge I am gaining from the research I am doing now will help me a lot when I get started.

††††††† From what I know, fusion centers are an up and coming thing.I donít think that New Jersey has one and only a few places do.But I think that they are looking to create one of their own fusion centers and itís rewarding to be a part of the beginning stages.