Joe Coyle - Associate Professor
Department of Mathematics


Fall 2015 courses:  
MA 120 02  and   MA 237 01
email: jcoyle at monmouth dot edu
Office hours
M,T,TH  9 - 10
Howard Hall 240

I have always had an interest in mathematics and in the way things work. This originates with my parents who were typically asking why when they helped with my homework.  I majored in mathematics as an undergraduate at Miami University (I am originally from Ohio) and have never looked back. I went on the the University of Dayton for my MS and it is there I fell in love with applications and computational problems.  Finally making my way out to the University of Delaware, I had the opportunity to work in both forward and inverse scattering problems for my PhD.

Research InterestsI have a general interest in numerical analysis and applied mathematics.  In particular, I have worked in finite elements and inverse problems over the years.