Other Research

Texas Chili

Description: The study of Texas Chili - the national dish of Texas - is a research "hobby" of mine. As a Texan, when posed with the assignment to research a specific food or dish, I was lead to Chili. I have done two research papers on the topic of Chili - as a symbol of Texas identity and its role in the cook-off world. For more information, including research results and recipes, please visit my website, "Never Beans!"

"Never Beans? How Texas Chili makes Texas real."  Paper Presentation, Inventing Cuisines: Traditions and identity in North American foodways panel, AGSA Student Research Symposium, February 16-17, 2007, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana.

I also presented this paper in the form of a poster at IU Women in Science Research Day in March 2007. [reconstructed poster in .pdf]

Czech Food and Gender

Description:Both food and gender server as excellent lenses through which we can delve deeper into understanding how a culture or society works and sees the world. Combining the two in the post-socialist, EU context of the Czech Republic allows me to explore shifts in a variety of aspects of daily life. My work thus far has touched on differences between men and women in relation to gender roles and their impact on foodwork.

"'Homemade is homemade': Food and Gender in the Postsocialist Kitchen." Paper Presentation, Central States Anthropological Society 85th Annual Meeting, March 26-28, 2008, Indianapolis, Indiana.

I also presented this paper in the form of a poster at IU Women in Science Research Day in March 2008. [reconstructed poster in .pdf]

Czech Identity

Description: Czech identity is a duality of active and passive roles in history. My research considers how Czechs represent a persistent identity system through hypocrisy or collaboration during times of foreign rule. As a small nation surrounded for the past 700 years by large foreign powers, the Czech nation has survived by using any means possible, from passive resistance to compliant collaboration.

2009 The Good Dissident Švejk: An Exploration of Czech Morality and Cultural Survival. Kosmas 22(2).