Courses that I teach

Fall'02: Database Management Systems (CS517-01)  
Fall'02: Advanced Database Systems (CS533-01)  
Spring'03: Introduction to an Algorithmic Language (CS275-50)
Spring'03: Program Development (CS500-50)  
Spring'03: Database Management Systems (CS517-50)  
Fall'03: File Management (CS375-50)  
Fall'03: Database Management Systems (CS517-01)  
Fall'03: Database Management Systems (CS517-50)  
Fall'03: Independent Study (CS-699-04)  
Spring'04: Database Systems (CS-432-01)  
Spring'04: Database Systems (CS-517-50)  
Spring'04: Independent Study in Computer Science (CS-499-02)  
Spring'04: Independent Study (CS-699-04)  
Summer'04: IndSt: Database Application(CS-699-21)  
Fall'04: IndSt: Database Application(CS-699-21)  
Spring'05: Database Systems (CS-432-01)  
Spring'05: Database Management Systems (CS517-01)  
Spring'05: Advanced Database Systems (CS533-01)  
Fall'05: File Management (CS375-01)  
Fall'05: Database Management Systems (CS517-01)  
Spring'06: Database Systems (CS-432-01)  
Spring'06: Database Management Systems (CS517-01)  
Spring'06: Advanced Database Systems (CS698-01)  
Spring'06: Independent Study in Computer Science (CS-499)  
Spring'06: IndSt: Database Application( (CS-699)  
Summer'06: Advanced Project (CS-661-23)  
Fall'06: File Management (CS375-01)  
Fall'06: Computer Programming Essentials (CS-501A-01)  
Fall'06: Introduction to Computer Science I (CS-175-01)  
Fall'06: Thesis (CS690)  
Spring'07: Database Systems (CS-432-01)  
Spring'07: Database Management Systems (CS517-01)  
Spring'07: Advanced Database Systems (CS533-50)  
Spring'07: Thesis (CS690)  
Summer'07: Advanced Project (CS-661-C01)  
Fall'07: Advanced Project (CS-661-01)  
Fall'07: Database Management Systems (CS517-01)  
Summer'07: Independent Study (CS-699-YU3)  
Spring'08: Database Management Systems (CS517-50)  
Spring'08: Advanced Project (CS-661-01)  
Summer'08: Independent Study (CS-699-YU3)  
Fall'08: Database Systems (CS-432-50)  
Fall'08: Database Management Systems (CS517-50)  
Fall'08: Advanced Project (CS-661-01)  
Fall'08: Independent Study (CS-699-YU3)  
Spring'09: Computer Algorithms II (CS-306-01)  
Spring'09: Special Topics in Computer Science(CS-598-01)  
Spring'09: Database Systems (CS-432-01)  
Spring'09: Database Management Systems (CS517-01)  
Spring'09: Advanced Database Systems (CS533-01)  
Spring'09: Advanced Project (CS-661-YU3)  
Summer'09: Special Topics in Computer Science(CS-498-C50)  
Summer'09: Special Topics in Computer Science(CS-598-C50)  
Summer'09: Thesis (CS690)  
Fall'09: Database Management Systems (CS-517-50)  
Fall'09: Advanced Database Systems (CS533-01)  
Fall'09: Thesis (CS690)  
Spring'10: Database Systems (CS-432-01)  
Spring'10: Senior Project (CS490-01)  
Spring'10: Database Management Systems (CS-517-01)  
Spring'10: Thesis (CS-690)  
Spring'10: Advanced Project (CS-661)  
Fall'10: Database Design and Management (CS-517-01)  
Fall'10: Database System Implementation (CS-533-01)